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    How to Exclude rows from a Table Calc (Window_Sum), using two dates at once?

    Jon West

      Hi, I am struggling to find what seems like a simple solution to an analytics problem.


      I need to use a rolling window to assess whether our rate of payment within 30 days is improving or worsening.


      I am currently using a form of   WINDOW_SUM( [Value], -30, 0)  . My data is plotted using the [Work Date] field in my sample data below. I want to exclude rows where another date field, [Paid Date] is later than the rolling window.


      Below I have an example data set and an example result desired. Highlighted rows are those that become relevant to the next picture where I demonstrate my desired result. I attached a workbook that matches the below but I assume its not needed.


      This is a drawing of what I want to achieve. Of course this is a very easy exercise in Excel using a simple case but I need to get it right in Tableau in order to scale.


      I have a feeling I just need a LOD calc or something to filter by but I can't seem to get it right. I really appreciate any help you might be able to offer!