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    Text Tables Issues

    Kalpana B

      Hi ,


      I have dashboard layout as automatic. I manually adjust the columns of the text table to different widths (Some huge widths some smaller width columns). They look fine on my desktop since i have adjusted them as per my desktop, but when viewed on the bigger screen all the alignment gets distorted( the last columns occupy the remaining space on the dashboard ).

      Is there any way to control the adjustments of the text table widths . ( except that i can manually fix the width of the table and the columns stays intact, but my client wants the table to occupy whole of the dashboard screen and i cannot fix the table width.) The proportion of the column widths of the text table needs to be same across different screens.


      Tableau version : 10.5

      Dashboard Style : Automatic.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Budi Lubis

          Kalpana -

          Check that the resolution of the dashboard is fixed.

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            Kalpana B

            Hi Budi Lubis,


            Thank you for the reply. However, I have to use dashboard layout as automatic only as per the requirement so that the screen adjusts to different screen resolutions.


            Is there any option to have the proportions( % of table width) to be constant even on different screens in automatic dashboard mode.




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              Budi Lubis

              Not that I know there is a workaround based on % ratio of width.  Others might chime in.


              The one work around that I know if, an example if you have 2 frames horizontally next to each other is to

              • set the frame that you wanted to be fixed to "standard" and another frame adjacent, left or right of it" set to "fit width".
              • Then set the screen size to a range where you can set min and max resolution.

              The combination above will force Tableau to have a horizontal scroll bar.

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