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    Need help comparing two types of dates correctly (Tableau 2020.1)

    Fred Burdine



      I'm new to Tableau and my boss has handed me one of her workbooks which has a fairly manual uploading process that I believe can be managed completely in Tableau.


      What we're looking for is a way to see how many subscribers we gain and lose each month, knowing these figures also gives us our total count of subscribers and our churn rate (loss rate). Currently, my boss has set up a few worksheets to give us our Created and Cancelled figures, then uses those figures to update an excel sheet for the total and loss rates. With that excel sheet, she has it connected to visualize our loss rate and provide an average over time.



      What I'd like to do is have all of the calculations recorded in the excel file run in Tableau and then keep all of the connections internal. I've built fixed LODs for our created and cancelled figures which are calculating well on their own but when I try to make a calculation of [created]-[cancelled] to find the net change by month the figures blow up and the output is meaningless. Can you please help me understand how to fix this issue?