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    How To Aggregate Count Distinct for Previous Years Using Current Date

    John Nguyen



      My current set of data contains client id's for the past two years. The client ID's are duplicated since the same user can visit twice - so to generate a count for unique client ID for a specific date I've used this formula



      Now being that I have two years worth of data, I would also like to see this UQ value for the previous year, ideally in a field titled "LY UQ" but I can't seem to figure out how to make this happen.


      Here's a screenshot of this years date and its YoY equivalent. *Note that there shouldn't be any instance where both the dates of this year or last are shown on screen at the same time



      The output I'd like to see is that only May 15th is shown and the LY UQ value is the UQ value for last year which in this case is 5/17/19.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.