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        Laura Habberfield

        Hello! My name is Laura and I am from Buffalo, NY. I work at New Era Cap and use Tableau a lot. My primarily utilization is for data analysis in inventory optimization, sales optimization, etc. Looking forward to learning over this 8 week course and from all of you in the group!


        P.S. Go Bills!

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          Kris K

          Hi Tayebeh,

          I'm from Portland, OR. I see you're working on KPI's, how's that going?

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            Alex Rodriquez

            Hello Everyone,


            I am a Insights and Analytics Sr. Manager with Aristocrat. We are casino gaming solutions provider of electronic gaming machines, social gaming, and casino management systems. I am part of the CX division focusing on new internal metrics reporting and analysis initiatives. While new to this role and company I have been in the casino industry on both the provider and operator sides of business for 16 years and have been using Tableau off and on for about the last 5 years. I also did a short stint working for a visualization analytics company that isn't Tableau, but lets ignore that and not hold it against me.


            I am looking forward to attending these sessions and gaining new ideas to bring into my work.



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              Mark Novak

              Hello all. Not new to Tableau but I am new to retail data so I'm looking forward to the Stockroom content!

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                Tayebeh Soltani

                Hi Kris,

                It's been challenging. I need to create a KPIs project for 12 different business groups and every group requires at least 10 dashboards. I'm done with half of it I believe. But new assignments will come. It never ends.

                What are you working on?

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                  Kris K

                  Hi Tayebeh,


                  I'm not using Tableau in my current team but our business partners use that on daily basis, hoping to work with them one day and by then want to upgrade my Tableau skills. What company do you work at?

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                    Richard Vinas

                    Hi! I'm Chard. I'm joining the live sessions from the Philippines (which is at 2 am Saturday mornings! -- hope this entitles me to a swag. Yes? LOL.)


                    Anyway, thanks for giving us the opportunity of not only being able to take the trainings for free but also to learn from our Tableau experts. I have already built a handful of vizzes, myself, but this learning opportunity tells me what else I don't know about Tableau.



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                      David May

                      Hello everyone!


                      David here, and I am a Manager of Reporting and Analysis with 20 years of analytics experience in women's retail working for a major retailer in southwest Florida.  I have had exposure to Tableau but finally getting to really dig in and learn all the ins and outs of it and so far I am loving what I am learning!  The weekly Stockroom sessions are very helpful and definitely taking advantage of the current 90 day challenge that has been offered to our company to get as many badges as we can within that time frame! 


                      Personally, I have been married to my lovely bride for 31 years with 5 adult children, 3 and 1/2 grand children (one on the way).  I too am an old school gamer and enjoy the serenity of growing Bonsai trees.

                      Shows that you can pick up new tricks no matter what the age!


                      Thank you for the opportunity to learn and keep up the awesome work!

                      (LOVE all the dad jokes!)

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                        Janine Hunter

                        Hi my name I Janine.  I am a category manager working in Ohio.  I have some Tableau use but really looking to learn to do dashboards and take my scorecards to the next level.  I have enjoyed the content thus far and look forward to learning more. 

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                          Tayebeh Soltani

                          I'm with Columbia Grain International on 5th Ave.

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                            Joann Taylor

                            Thought I introduced myself after Week 1 but it seems it was rejected? Great...off to a good start! My name is Joann Taylor.


                            OK...so I taught myself how to use Tableau to build a performance dashboard for our Creative Studio team using a massive Excel spreadsheet as the data source. I was proud of my accomplishment and the process developed to keep it updated monthly. Working with creative people who care very much about font size and colors was a bit stressing but I prevailed. Then I moved on to another role and left my Tableau skills behind. I'm currently in a role where several software systems are used to track performance. Some of these systems have decent reporting capabilities but I want to pull everything into one platform. My go to is Excel and I'm pretty good at slicing and dicing data but I'm looking for a slicker and more dynamic visual tool. My company uses the MS suite of programs so Power BI is preferred. Since it's taken a while for us to get to this point, others on my team have already developed Tableau dashboards.

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                              Eric Pierle

                              Hey Everybody,

                              I'm still a Tableau rookie, but happy to say I'm through the Fundamentals, Intermediate and 80% through the Advanced training!  This free eLearning is AWESOME!  Was fortunate to attend TC19 in Vegas.  Was completely BLOWN AWAY by the organization of the event, and the content covered in all the sessions.  I think the most exciting part of my Tableau journey so far has been the people.  Everyone wants to help, and be involved, and show off their fancy Dashboards.  The energy with this community is absolutely amazing, and I'm truly excited to be part of it!




                              Eric P


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                                Jeff Holland

                                HI, Jeff Holland here.  I have worked at Procter and Gamble for 29 years making Paper Towels, toilet paper and diapers.   I have been using Tableau for about 1.5 years and find it a great tool for visualizing our manufacturing results data.  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and have two kids in college

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                                  Lisa Ennis

                                  Hi everyone!


                                  My name is Lisa and I've been working with CPG companies in data analysis since 1992 (think: piles of printed Nielsen rank reports whose numbers we typed into PPT graphs!). I've been an independent contractor since 2002 with several clients in various categories. Have been a Tableau user since 2014, adding Alteryx the following year.


                                  Enjoy the learning! Thanks so much!


                                  San Francisco CA

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                                    Lindy Peters

                                    Hi Everyone!


                                    My name is Lindy and I have been using Tableau for almost 2 years. I'm in the data analytics department for an online/catalog retailer. With a background in merchandising and product development, I am mostly focused on product and pricing analysis, but have been getting into more marketing and supply chain analysis as well. I joined this group hoping to learn some tricks to update our current dashboards and perhaps make them more engaging. Users just always want rows and columns, so I need to be sneaky with the slow introductions of more and more visuals.