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    Dates in an outer join


      Hi All


      I have data from two different tables (plan and actual) that are outer joined (because some materials have plan but no actual and vice versa).


      The plan is a monthly snapshot for the upcoming fiscal months. For example snapshot from 3/30 has plan for April, May, June, July etc. However, I am filtering in SQL query to only include the first month (April) or anything before that (to be able to see historical). Actuals are updated daily.


      I want to be able to show plan and actuals for only one month at the time (for plan snapshotted 3/30, I only want to show April plan and actuals).


      This is what I expect to see (without having to make selections both in Snapshot and Fiscal Month). How can I make sure selected snapshot only shows the data for the corresponding fiscal month?




      Workbook attached.