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    Font changes when posting to Tableau Server for some and not others

    Chad Riddell

      Good morning!


      I recently had a dashboard published to our Tableau Server.  The font that is used in the dash is Montserrat and the various variations of that.  However, some people are able to view the dash just fine while others have their font changed to Times New Roman when they open it up.  This is not a custom font.  It is included in Tableau Desktop.  Why can some see it and others can't?

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          Graham Bass

          Hi Chad,


          Font normalization on the web can be difficult, in Tableau or not. When I publish a Viz to TS I have used the Tableau Book fonts as well as Lucida, etc, and run in to the same issue occasionally. In general, CSS font declarations are done like this:


          font-family: "Tableau Book",'Tableau',Arial,sans-serif;


          This provides a cascading set of font that the browser can fall back through. The fact that you end up with a serif font when selecting a sans-serif font in Tableau suggests to me that perhaps a serif font was selected as a dashboard default and then over ridden with a specific style.


          When looking at your viz on Tableau Server you can inspect an element to see what it's font definition is by (in general) using Ctrl + Shift + i. In all modern browsers there is an element select feature, which typically looks like a cursor on an outline. If you click a title/element that has been reported to have this issue then you can see what your definition looks like.


          I just tested using a custom font on Firefox, IE 11, and MS Edge with success. I'm on Tableau Server 2019.3. BTW, an interesting note... as of 2019.3, TS created a <div> element at the end of the HTML that uses a non-standard font and then attempts to over ride it to test the ability of the browser to use a custom font. You might check to see if your viz has this:


          <div class="TestFontContainer" style="top: 0px; right: 0px; font-family: TableauTestFont; visibility: hidden; position: absolute; z-index: -1;">A</div>


          So server itself is designed to account for this issue, at least through 2019.x, so I would suggest looking at how it comes out in the HTML/CSS and report back. If you can get on a user's computer to do this test it would be even more helpful.

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            Heyward Drummond

            Thank you, Graham for such a great write up. Superbly done!!