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    Venn diagram for overlapping resources by institution with Tableau 10

    Lisa Gonzalez

      I have a visualization showing the collections of all the libraries in a group so that a staff member can select their library and see which of their resource collections is shared with other libraries, and which of their resources they have on their own. Then users can export data as they'd like to get a list of collection names and the libraries that hold them. I'd like to get a more complex visualization showing the collection overlap of all the libraries so that libraries have the maximum flexibility to calculate the degree of overlap with a single library, or with all the libraries - for instance, one library could say that 60% of their resources overlap with at least one library, while 40% are unique to them. Being able to export a list of the resources is also important. The idea of a venn diagram helped me visualize what I am trying to do, though I think this viz would be too complex - https://blogs.library.duke.edu/data/files/2018/02/01_SubText_venn.png

      Any ideas on what I can do to expand the options for exporting a collection overlap list?