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    Associating Data Where String Exists

    Alex Dixon

      I have a Tableau workbook that lists the following information about projects:


      • PRIMARY_STAFF: Point of contact for the project.
      • STAFF: Individuals associated with the project.
      • NUMBER: Unique project number.
      • NAME: Project name.
      • AMOUNT_CATEGORIES: Budget, commitments, expenses, and available budget associated with a particular project.
      • AMOUNTS: Dollar amounts associated with AMOUNT_CATEGORIES.


      In the attached example (yay!), you'll see that the projects are listed under the PRIMARY_STAFF.



      However, what I'd like to do is show both the projects that an individual is listed as a PRIMARY_STAFF for and the projects where their account name (e.g., ACH262) is associated.


      So, for example, in the case of individual ACH262, projects 9200009002 and 9200009005 would be listed in addition to the existing projects (i.e., 1200005001, 1200005002, and 1200005003). These same projects (i.e., 9200009002 and 9200009005) would also be listed for SMARNO0 (as it currently does) since the individual's account name is also in the STAFF field.



      Any assistance is greatly appreciated.