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    Percentage of total from different measures using Table Calculation

    Raul Fortes



      I'm starting to build my first reports with Tableau. This is actually my first forum post


      I have a table with the following data:

      Dimensions: channel_name, date

      Measures: total regs, total non regs, rev regs and rev non regs, total_users (calculated field = regs + non regs)


      Just trying to make a column chart that represents the percentage of regs and non regs for each channel and show the corresponding "rev" for each segment. Since I have regs and no regs in different channels I cannot figure out the way to do it.

      Not sure whether I should reshape my table or what.



      If I use calculated fields:

      % regs: SUM([Total Regs])/SUM([total_users])

      % Non regs: SUM([Total Non Regs])/SUM([total_users])


      I cannot place the labels of rev because it will replicate the rev field across all segments (see screenshot):


      And if I use Table Calculation, well I just don't see how to do it


      I'm attaching the workbook. It's contains random data. I hope is the right format


      Any ideas? or do you know any other post with a similar question. I haven't been able to find it


      Many thanks!!