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    How to load a data source with a dynamic parameter?

    Hoon Choi

      SSRS is used to provide reports in the company I work for.

      Here we attach stored procedures with data parameters which the default value for 'start date' and 'end date' is GETDATE()-14 and GETDATE()-1.

      Users can freely change the date if they want.


      I'm trying to migrate these report to Tableau.

      There a few challenges I'm facing now.

      1. With extract, users cannot change the dates as they want because the date range had been set at the time when it's extracted.

      2. With live connection, GETDATE()-14 and GETDATE()-1 cannot seem to be set for the date parameters.

           I could publish the reports with dummy and fixed dates(1900-01-01) first (reports would then have no contents), and let users to choose the dates they want.

           But this way only adds a few more extra steps for users, plus it's ugly.


      I was thinking about the extension(https://extensiongallery.tableau.com/products/102?version=2019.4 ), but it only has limited list of dates to choose.

      Is it possible to modify the source code as I want? Could you provide the reference I can study? Keshia Rose


      How would you solve the challenges I'm facing?

      Do you have any experiences similar to mine?


      Thank you for reading!