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    Lat/Long plot changes for one of my series when I change the filter value for the other series on a dual axis map.  How do I resolve?

    Mike Spriggs

      Hi, looking for some help here.


      I have 2 sets of data -- each on a separate worksheet in the same workbook connected to my TWB file.

      (1)  Data set 1 contains approx 3,000 records which include lat/long (5 decimal places to plot as precisely as possible), along with other attributes.  I'm using one of these attributes as a filter - which segments the full population into 4 mutually exclusive subgroups.

      (2)  Data set 2 contains a list of 9 single locations, each also with a fixed lat/long location (5 decimal places as well). 


      I should note that where appropriate, the records in data set 1 are assigned to a location in data set 2 - such that I've created territories of coverage in data set 1 for each of the 9 locations in data set 2.  There are some records in data set 1 that were not assigned to any location in data set 2.  I assume this should not affect the plotting, but mentioning just in case.


      I've plotted both data sets on a map using the dual axis approach.  While I get plots for the values I've selected using my filters, it appears that the plot of the value from Data set 2 moves on the map when I change the filtered view.  Observe below:


      The map view is locked, so it does not shift around when I change the filter.

      The location of the black dot should remain fixed in both images - because the location is a fixed address which is constant for both populations.  But clearly this plot moves when I change the filter to display the subgroup in the territory.


      I assume it has something to do with the math function applied to the lat/long coordinates?  I'm asking for any suggestions on how I hold the plot location steady for the secondary data set on the dual axis mapping?