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    Missing user actions in Tableau repository

    Stefanie Trellert

      Dear Tableau community,


      we would like to set up an adequate tableau monitoring in our company. As a basis we use the file 'Admin-Views_v10.2' provided by Tableau.


      We already noticed that some user actions are not displayed. For example, the events 'Delete Workbook Task' and 'Delete Data Source Task' are only recorded for some users, for others not. We therefore tested some actions with a test user (viewer) and we cannot explain the results.


      1. We clicked on a view in a workbook and downloaded it as a crosstab. Why is 'Download Workbook' displayed? This is not possible at all with a viewer license. And which actions count as 'Download View', which is also available as event type?


      2. How can it be that a user can carry out different actions at the same time? (Download Workbook 1,2,3,4,5 at the same time)


      3. Again and again user actions are missing, although we have definitely executed them (like I mentioned at the beginning). Around 12:14 and around 13:22 we also accessed 'View 1' and downloaded this as a crosstab, but these actions are not recorded at all.


      We would like to understand why the Tableau Repository behaves in that way and how we can adapt our monitoring accordingly.


      We are very grateful for help!