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    Dynamic date on X axis: how to overlap the measures? (2019.2)

    Kristin Fitzpatrick

      I'm close to my goal but can't quite get there, so hoping someone can help.


      Background: I'm showing year over year sales trends for a time period selected in date parameters. I'm using a date calc ("Parameter invoice date_dynamic") to have the axis change date granularity depending on the amount of time between the dates chosen in the Start Date and End Date parameters. It shows the Sales measures by day if the Start and End dates are <32 days apart, by week if less than 62 days apart, etc. (FYI - the date range in this data set is limited.)


      The challenge is, I want the measure trends to overlap and display within the same time bucket from the date calc.

      I can force this by putting the "Parameter invoice date_dynamic" into a week format (see 2nd view in the attached  - "Goal but need dynamic viz"), but then I lose the dyanmic axis date granularity from the "Parameter invoice date_dynamic" calc.


      Is there a way to do both things? -> Have the measures overlap and display within the same time bucket, and have that bucket determined by the datetrunc in the "Parameter invoice date_dynamic" calc (so I can keep the dynamic date granularity in the calc)?

      It seems like I need to set the "Parameter invoice date_dynamic" to "Exact date" for the calc to work, but then I can't overlap the trends.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!