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    Help With Calculation

    Stephen Lanham

      Hello.  I am trying to get this calculation to work with summing up into the grand total line item.  I have been at it for days, I feel like it is a simole answer, but just can't seem to stumble upon it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Two data sources, Snowflake and Excel.


      My equation is:

      if attr([DID - Cost Center Name (copy)]) = 'Check TIR for DID'

      then SUM([Excel - Headcount Growth Forecast].[Upcoming Aug TDP Class])

      else 0 end


      my results look like this:

      As you can see the 16 and the 36 are not summing up and as a result, I am not getting a grand total either.


      Please refer to the 'Playaround' worksheet