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    Displaying a buffer around a line chart

    Matthew Yandell-Thomas

      Hi all,


      I have a dataset showing the amount of a product within a 'cell' which has been measured over time. We would like to show that this value isn't entirely accurate but an estimation. We could be within +/-3% of this value.


      I have plotted the exact value on a line chart over time, and tried to generate this fuzziness by creating two calculated fields. One adds 3% to the total, the other subtracts 3% from the total. I added these two measures as an area chart, made one of the values white and the other pale green and created a dual axis with the line chart, as below:




      Is there a better way of displaying this information or creating this effect?


      As hovering the mouse in the white area brings up the tooltip for the area. It would be good it the tooltip only appeared if you hovered on the edge of the line instead. The white area also obscures the grid lines extending horizontally from the Y axis, and I would like those to be visible if possible.


      Attached is a packaged workbook.


      Thanks in advance for any advice,