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    Learning Tableau and seeking mentorship/shadowing opportunities


      Hi everyone!


      I've taken the last few months off of work to decide on a new career path with a career coach. We've focused on my enjoyment of data analysis and visualization and how I could use those skills in a new career. I've completed a couple of courses on Tableau's e-learning program and a course on LinkedIn Learning. Sadly, my Tableau 14-day trial has expired so I don't have access to the program to continue learning and exploring. At the moment I'm reaching out to see if anyone in this group would be willing to help me with mentorship and pairing/shadowing opportunities. I'm also interested in local Tableau meets ups or user group sessions. It appears like this community has done that in the past. If you know of any I'd appreciate if you could pass that information along.


      I know that's a big ask as many folks are already dealing with a full-time work load. I'm just jumping back into the job market so my schedule is open and flexible to accommodate yours. If anyone is interested or would like to engage in a conversation please let me know. Thank you all very much for reading and for your replies and consideration.