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    Automated pdf or powerpoint reports from a dashboard

    Tom layton

      HI Guys


      Hope everyone is   well


      I have created a dashboard with an action field which allows you to breakdown each dep, the breakdown needs to be printed out either on pdf or power point, this needs to be done on each department ( dep).


      in the example I have attached I have only 2 department  but in reality I have about 120 ,


      Is there anyway i can automated task or do this task in a much quicker way?


      Is there a better way i can present a breakdown for the departments so each can be either printed out on a pdf file or power point, in a more .


      can this somehow be done on a storyboard?


      Currently I have to manually click on each one on the main page and then  print it from the breakdown page ,and then go back and repeat


      if anything is unclear just ask