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    vizportal.css in 2019.1 (Tableau Server Customization)

    Karl Bond

      So I've recently upgraded from 10.3 to 2019.1, and have found where the vizportal.css files sit within the back end files, however it seems by enabling SSL for our server results in Tableau Server using a different vizportal.css file to the one I located.


      The vizportal.css file(s) are located in "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\packages\vizportalclient.20191.19.0215.0259\public"\ and there are three of them:

      • vizportal.css - has the changes I made
      • vizportal.css.br - unable to open this file (assume it's a compressed file but no luck)
      • vizportal.css.gz - has the changes I made


      The URL for the vizportal.css when looking at Tableau's web browser source code is https://[SERVER URL]/vizportal.css?[BUILD_ID]


      Now when I'm using a standard HTTP protocol I can see the CSS tweaks I made and the main banner at the top of the screen has the changes the code applies, however when using HTTPS protocol all those changes I made have vanished and it now uses the default CSS.


      My question is, does anyone know where this vizportal.css file is stored when using HTTPS vs HTTP protocol, and if so is it the *.br version?


      Thanks in advance