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    Wine Logistics Co. Looking for Expert - Contract Hire - Invoice Automation

    Annie Studdert

      Wine Country Connect (WCC) is a wine warehouse logistics and marketing company based out of Sonoma, CA. One division operates as a 3PL, servicing a winery/marketing company that sells multi SKU, single-serving wines, predominantly online*. 


      Due to the complexity of this customer’s high volume offerings, creating an accurate invoice has become arduous, time-consuming, and prone to error due to its manual nature (lots of time in Excel). 


      We seek a methodology that automates WCC's monthly invoice for this large customer, using data such as SKU number, weight and bottle QTY count to generate the correct pricing per unique order. Other data available if f necessary for automation of this process.  The data is currently drawn Ship Station and UPS invoices, and occasionally/maybe further down the road, Salesforce.com, as well.


      Accuracy, efficiency, visibility (client needs to be able to see raw data & how we got there - be able to show our work, so to speak), and expediency of project timeline to completion are key factors. We believe Tableau is a viable platform to host this tool for us. 


      This project is time sensitive, and needs to be reliable. One of our staff has significant experience using Tableau and has begun some of the groundwork for this project, and will be available to assist and discuss methodology as needed.


      We're looking for an expert to help us out, but we are not complete noobs to Tableau. 


      If you are interested or want more information, please comment on this posting, send a DM, or contact:


      George Studdert

      work: (707) 938-8485

      email: georges@winecountryconnect.com