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    Dashboard filters across multiple data sources

    Trey Caples

      Hello everyone,


      I‘m trying to create a dashboard filter on two sheets using different data sources. I’m working in a youth-serving nonprofit.


      To clarify, the two data sources are related in that they are both joins using a common google sheet: Data source 1 has attendance data that joins a sign in sheet with a student directory. Data source 2 has survey data joined with the same student directory.



      I’ve created a filter on the attendance worksheet for the student name (from the student directory). I’ve then added both sheets to a dashboard, and selected the filter to apply to all related data sources. However, the filter does not filter for survey results - only the original sheet it applied to.



      Do I need to add data relationships or otherwise do something else? Any other ideas?


      Side question: When I attempt to create a filter from a component/sheet on the dashboard, it only gives me limited options - is this because that way of adding a filter will only show me displayed data?