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    Blended Map Action Filter Issues

    Robert Hyatt

      I have a workbook with 2 data sources, the primary data source is units/sales by category and region.  I need a 2nd data source as a lookup key (region to state) in order to get the tableau map to be able to properly display my regions (US region isn't recognized by tableau with lat/long info).  I've got all of that working fine by blending the two sources based on the region field.  I looked into trying to create custom regions for my map (to avoid having to blend with a lookup table), but I was unable to accomplish this since I have no real detail in my data (ex record: category - jeans, region - south, year - 2019, sales - $5,000).


      So the map is at least working, but the problem I'm having is that it now won't let me do any action filtering on the map.  On my dashboard I want to be able to filter to any of my categories (aka segment) and have the map update with just the numbers for that category.


      If you look at the 1st picture below,there's my map properly displaying for all categories total (by region).  The problem there is that none of the category data is in that state/region lookup key data source, so the action filter has nothing to link back to in order to filter down to the category on the map (shown in my 2nd picture.






      So I thought ok I'll just make the data source with all my numbers into my primary data source and have the lookup key state/region data source as my secondary.  But when I try that it greys out the lat/long measures so I'm unable to use them to build the map.




      Anyone know a good way around this?  Is it possible to do an action filter on a blended data source, if that blended sheet isn't using the same primary data source as the sheet the action filter is coming from?  Unfortunately I can't post the workbook for work sensitivity issues, but I can try and post whatever screenshots that may help if needed.

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          Jim Dehner

          Calling Sarah Battersby  Hi Sarah - this is the second time around on this post -  is this something that can be done with Blended data sets?  




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            Robert Hyatt

            Thanks Jim.


            I've spent hours on this and still can't figure it out!

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              Jim Dehner

              I am pretty convinced you can't do this with blended data blended data works at the aggregate level of the link


              Sarah is the expert - if it can be done she will know


              I have done something like this but not blended data - I took the data to Qgis and created regions in a layered point spatial map and brought that into Tableau

              you can plot the "Points" against a filled map and still fill the map



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                Robert Hyatt

                Yeah, I think that goes back to the problem I'm having with how basic my data is, the only geographic info is 4 different regions.


                I tried to go a different route and join my key directly to my primary data source (using the lower left data source editor).  The problem there is that being a one-to-many join (each record has just one region in the primary data source, but each record in the key has several rows of states) so my numbers are now off (they're being multiplied by however many states make up each region).  Trying to think of any way around that issue.

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                  Jim Dehner

                  if that is the case you could make a simple region/state cross match file (its only 50 records) and join it to the state level file - it will work like a Vlookup in excel and add a Region field to each record at the row level



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                    Robert Hyatt

                    I think that's what I already tried, if I'm following you correctly. Below are some example tables to represent what I did.


                    On the left is my example data, on the right is the state to region key I made (for all 50 states).



                    The issue I'm running into with the join is that instead of the aggregate data saying I have 25 jeans units in the midwest, it's creating a distinct row for every state and is aggregating to say I have 100 jeans units in the midwest.