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    When was the last time user visited Tableau?

    Bhavana Khairnar

      Hi Guys,


      Can anybody help me with view, I want to see when was the last time user actually visited or used tableau from today's date? We are in process of revoking the license of users who have not used tableau from past more than 6 months, so that we can give that license key to someone else who actually need it.


      We do have one view in place, but its not giving correct result. Can anyone guide me which date column I should use from historical_events table of postgress? so that my view can be accurate?


      This is my query when was the last time users logged in into tableau.


      select users.login_at,





           system_users JOIN users


           system_users.id = users.system_user_id


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Many Thanks,