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    Google Authentication and a CloudSQL data source

    Wayne Burwell

      I'd like to use Google Authentication for my Tableau Online users.


      My dashboard accesses a Google CloudSQL database (MySQL).


      I've created a test user in Tableau Online with an e-mail address that has a corresponding Google account.


      Within the Google Cloud Console I added that e-mail to the IAM list of members for our project that contains the CloudSQL instance.  I assigned it a role of "Cloud SQL Client".


      When i run the Tableau dashboard, I am prompted to enter credentials for the CloudSQL database -- but when I enter the email/password corresponding to my test user it fails.


      So my questions:


      1. Is there further configuration within the Google Admin Console that I need to do to make this work?


      2. Is there any troubleshooting info within Tableau Online that I can make use of -- logs or a verbose debugging mode or something?