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      I am working on creating a custom tableau usage dashboard at my organization.

      Story- My end goal with this dashboard is to analyze the count of published data sources, workbooks, & who is viewing the workbooks by user licensing roles.

      1. Number of Creators, Explorers, & Viewers in the organization

      2. Published Data sources by Month

      3. Published workbooks by month

      4. Views by Month

      5 Views by Day

      6. Top 20 workbooks views

      7. Top 10 Power users- all users who access tableau the most at the organization


      Currently, my 2 flows looks like below:

      Looking at the flows, above are there any recommendations to adding or removing specific tables? I only ask because when I use the historical tables I get a very high count for my data sources and workbooks which i know forsure is incorrect.

      In the flow above historical, I am trying to find a way to connect the historical event types to the non historical tables. Does that look accurate? Currently, I am unable to connect the users to data sources because there isnt a primary key between the 2 tables. So any recommendations and assistance is greatly appreciated!