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    Dashboard Failing to Load - Salesforce Integration

    Anthony Heckman

      Hi everyone,


      I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to post this, but currently we are working on integrating Tableau Visualizations into our Salesforce org using the Sparkler connector and embedding the dashboards into Visualforce pages. We have been testing this for some time in a development org, and we have successfully gotten Sparkler up and running with our org, and we were able to publish a few basic dashboards to test the functionality which we were also able to get embedded and working properly. The issue we are running into now was when we attempted to embed the dashboards we are intending to use once we move to production they refuse to load within the pages. The new workbook was published to the same Tableau Online server as our test examples, which we confirmed still worked properly as before after we started running into issues, and we used the same template for the Visualforce page that worked before as well.


      Has anyone run into an issue like this before, or has an idea whether the issue might be with Tableau, Salesforce, or Sparkler. Currently when trying to view the embedded dashboard, the page and iFrame container seem to load properly and no error is given, but the iFrame remains blank instead of displaying the dashboard.


      Any help is appreciated.