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    Notice: Legacy map tile service DNS change

    Jill Boland

      On November 22, 2019, the legacy Tableau map tile service (maps.tableausoftware.com) used by Tableau Desktop and Server in versions 2019.1 and earlier was migrated to a new, more secure environment. On that date, DNS entries were updated to point to the new instance of the map service, and our data shows that over 99% of traffic is correctly using the new endpoint. As part of our mission to continually monitor and improve the security of the Tableau platform for our customers, and given that the old endpoint is no longer reachable by any public DNS entries, we will be shutting down the old endpoint on January 3, 2020.




      Q: Will I be affected by this?

      A: The average Tableau user will not be affected by this. Our data shows that over 99% of all clients picked up the new DNS info and started using the new instance of the service immediately. For further concerns, see below.


      Q: How can I verify that I'm not using the old endpoint?

      A: The Tableau map tile service uses a set of dynamic IP addresses that may change at any time without notice. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you're reaching the correct instance is to check that the DNS name servers being used for maps.tableausoftware.com in your environment match the following:

      - ns-1219.awsdns-24.org

      - ns-1859.awsdns-40.co.uk

      - ns-221.awsdns-27.com

      - ns-972.awsdns-57.net


      This can be accomplished using this command with the dig utility (which may or may not be included with your operating system): dig maps.tableausoftware.com NS.


      If you or your network administrator have enabled aggressive DNS caching that may cause the DNS TTL setting for maps.tableausoftware.com to be ignored, you may find that even if dig reports the correct name servers, a restart of any affected applications or hosts may be required for them to pick up the new DNS information.


      If you use the Tableau maps proxy service (mapsproxy.tableau.com or mapsproxy.tableausoftware.com), the proxy has been updated to point to the correct environment and no action is needed.


      Q: What will happen if my software is pointing at the old endpoint when it shuts down?

      A: You will see background maps fail to load, resulting in blank tiles. You may also receive error messages about being unable to reach the server, or 503 Unavailable errors. If this happens, please contact your network administrator to ensure you have the latest DNS information.