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    What's the relationship between schedule task id's and extract ids in REST API?

    Jim Thompson

      In using the REST API, I am a little confused regarding the relationship (and API calls) between Refreshing Extracts and Running a Schedule to refresh a set of Workbooks or Data Sources...


      What I'm trying to accomplish is "run schedule name" and thereby any workbook scheduled to refresh with that schedule and any published data set scheduled to refresh with that schedule will update. We can do this from the Tableau Server by going to the Schedules page, and selecting the appropriate schedule name to "Run Now".


      As there is no "Run Schedule" API, there must be some relationship that I'm missing.


      Here's what I'm assuming I need to do:

      1) Signin (grab auth token and site id)

      2) Query Schedules to retrieve the Schedule Id for the particular schedule in question

      3) **confusion here**!!

      4) signout!


      Any help greatly appreciated!