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    Tableau Public: Very long time to send work into tableau public server

    Clément Massicot

      Hey there!


      I use to work on Tableau Public with my sport Handball club and national team of France since 2018. My principal goal is to share my dashboard to others team staff.

      Everything was fine until this week :

      The time to open the file (connecting to server) or to save (export data to server) is far more important than previously. It was like 30sec before, and now it something like 10min of loading, and it even stop/crash often at 50% (approx), i've already waited for 2hours but nothing...


      The Excel file used is only 184 ko so... I've tried to wait, to clean the file as much as i can but this don't fix anything, that's why im trying to find help somewhere !


      - Any ideas to help to make it smooth again ?

      - Internet speed maybe?


      Thank you !