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    Rolling Analysis of New & Retained Customers


      Hi team!


      I'm looking to find the sales figures per month for New Retained (so they were new in months previous [the cut off being the start of the financial year]). I've been playing around with the sample data provided in another thread that showcases New and Returned Customers between specific dates however I'm not able to figure out how to calculate the above issue.


      Provided the FY starts at January, and 300 customers joined then, I'd label them 'new'. In February, this customers then become Existing/Returning, and any customers joining in Feb become 'new'. However, I'd like to be able to calculate of the 300 customers that joined in January, alongside the new customers in February, how much revenue did they generate? I realise this may be a cohort/rolling retention question but having read over the documents and threads available I've not found anything that works for this specific example.


      Edit: I've provided an image of how the data would look in an Excel table, where there are no new retained customer as they're all new. Existing customers are broken down into Active (purchased in the last 0-12 months and purchased in current period) and Re-active (last purchase was 13+ months ago and purchased in current period).




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