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    Button images not loading in Tableau Public

    Workforce Intelligence

      We have published a Tableau Dashboard to Tableau Public which contains a few buttons along the top using images we have imported into Tableau.


      When you load the page (tested in Chrome and IE) the buttons do not load and instead show standard failed-to-load icons. If you refresh the page (F5 or refresh in browser) the images still do not load, but if you click on one of the error images to direct you to another dashboard, the images then load and work fine from there on out.


      The dashboard is here: LA comparison


      We had also noticed a similar issue on other Tableau Public dashboards, notably this one from Spotify: Artists on Tour in 2018 | Tableau Public where the map and image at the top should load but often doesn't leaving a blank white space.



      Is this a glitch on Tableau Public or is there a way to publish without this happening??



      Note: we have done some user testing and the previous method publishing each dashboard on Tableau to give the little grey buttons at the top was not liked by our users as they felt it was unclear and they found them difficult to navigate. We have had extensive positive feedback for these new buttons and functionality wise they really work well for us so we are reluctant to get rid of them...

      Previous example here: Old LA comparison to explain the previous grey buttons.