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    Ghost alerts?

    Toby Erkson

      Here's an interesting problem on my QA TS:  VizAlerts are executing that should not exist because the workbook has been deleted.



      2019.3.1 Tableau Server.  Clean install i.e. TS did not exist on it prior to this install.

      2.1.1 VizAlerts.

      Grabbed a backup of my production TS (2018.4.1 and uses VA) and restored it on the QA TS.

      Disabled all Sites except for Default (because TS won't allow it) and my Administration site.

      Deleted all Projects from the Default site except for the Default project and Admin project (used to keep TS reports for end users to view).

      In the Default project (in the Default site) there are 8 workbooks and 6 data sources.


      Okay, there are VA that are executing properly on the PROD server and they now exist on the QA server.  However, because I essentially deleted all of the Projects in the Default site on the QA server, all of the known VA created by other users are now gone.  There are no VA in the disabled Sites, so no concerns with that either.  This means my QA server has no VA by other users.  I did have two VA but I unsubscribed from them so they won't execute.  All fine and dandy, right?


      Well, you'd think so but I'm getting VA errors for 9 workbooks that, as far as I'm concerned, no longer exist on the QA server!  I mean, they have been deleted so how can they trigger VA schedules?  Here is the error email and it makes sense, the workbook does not exist:


      The trusted ticket procedure works fine.  Snippets from the log regarding the particular subscription ID 3485:

      .csv file attached and unnecessary columns removed or redacted (names and email addresses).  It's the alert "zAlert_6:00AM Weekdays" that is being the problem.



      Another oddball:  Subscription ID 820 does exist in my Administration site and I unsubscribed from it but it still tries to execute (and fails like the others).  Here is the page for it and we can see that it has no subscriptions:



      I'll note that executing VA normally does work as expected so that's good.


      I've spent a good two hours looking at the vizalerts.log_ file and the .csv output, along with the QA and PROD servers and am drawing a blank.  I just realized that I haven't scrutinized the config files of the two but they should be pretty much identical except for server names.

      The only difference between the vizalerts.yaml files is the server and the server.ssl entries, thus it does not affect what's happening.