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    Month to Month Comparison with Dimensions

    Jesse Ruiz



      I'm trying to show a view with a kind of month to month comparison. There’s a large group of contracts and each month they have a ‘Health Score’, green, red or yellow. And I want to show the health score for these contracts and also show whether the health score was the same or different than the previous month.


      I've created a parameter called This Month and I want to create some calculations to refer to the previous month's Health Score (Group--not the value). What I want to achieve is to answer the question, "What changed for the Health Score Group for this month? Did any of the yellow or red scores change?"


      I believe that a table calculation is best because "They are calculated based on what is currently in the visualization and do not consider any measures or dimensions that are filtered out of the visualization." but to my knowledge table calculations are typically used for measures. But I'm only interested in finding a subset of a dimension called the "Score Group".


      Please help with any suggestions about how to go about this. Is a parameter the right way to go? Table calculations? LOD?


      Here is a screenshot and packaged workbook. This is dummy data.




      Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.28.56 AM.png