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    Need help to review my visualization

    Thanh Duong

      Hi everyone,


      I'm newbie here. I just created visualizations for my school project. Would you please spend sometime writing reviews for my little project?


      Here is the link:





      Thank you so much!


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          Trinh Phan

          I like the color you used, it's nice palette to differentiate the neighborhood. The font and its size is used properly. The data set is collected recently, which make your analysis to be updated to get trusted insights. I like the room type chart most since this graph delivered the deep insight on which type of room I can find easily in each region. I wish to see the summary text in each graph to understand your message clearly. Overall, your viz is clean, clear, not over-complex, easily to look and understand quickly.

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            Tuan Le

            In your first dashboard, I'm confused of what you're trying to convey in the top left chart.  To me that looks nothing more than just a map of new york.

            In your second dashboard, same story with your third chart (the one on bottom right). I'm not getting much information with that chart or what you're trying to convey.

            Overall I think you should try to select better chart and if necessary, have some text to explain to viewer what is it that you're trying to convey in the chart, if the information is not obvious enough.