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    Preview and Output extracts not matching

    Matthew Griffith

      HI All,


      I'm not sure what is happening here, and wondered if anyone else has ran into the same issue.


      I am trying to union a new group of files to a previous year's data.  When I clean and union the new files to the old data it all appears in the file preview and when I use the "preview in Tableau Desktop" option  it shows up exactly as it is supposed to.


      Yet, when i go to run the output, all of the data disappears from the union and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I am literally not taking any steps between the clean and output, but the preview is giving me a full view while the output is distorted... any ideas?


      Unfortunately there isn't anyway to share what I'm looking at as all of the data is private and I can't recreate the scenario with a different data set.   Any help would be very appreciated.