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    Dashboard Action Filter (Select) in first instance only opens to new tab (tableau server)

    David Romanowski

      Hi Guys,


      I have a strange problem that I have not been able to get my head around.  Has anyone experienced this or have a solution?


      I have a 'main' dashboard listing bunch of categories as a bar chart.  When a user selects a category, the dashboard filters to a second dashboard showing a list of sub categories.

      The issue I'm having is, when the user opens the 'main' dashboard for the first time and selects a category, the second dashboard opens in a new tab (sub category).  On the sub-category I have created a home button that allows users to navigate back to the 'main' dashboard.


      When the user clicks on the home button, they are taken back to the main dashboard within the same tab.  If they then select the same or different category, the sub-category dashboard opens within the same tab which is what I expect and want.  It's just the first time the user gets to the main dashboard that they are taken to the new tab.  After this, it never happens again.  Having issues with this as users would apply some filters on the main dashboard before clicking a category.  When this opens into a new tab, the session would loose all the filters the users has applied.  Where as afterwards with all clicks remaining within the same tab, the filters are retained...




      Below is the Filter Action from main dashboard