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    Always show all discrete x-axis marks

    Chris Geatch

      I feel like this should be a simple thing, but I've hunted for over an hour now, and can't find an answer.


      I have a stacked bar chart with a continuous measure on the Y-axis, and a discrete month on the X-axis (displaying a date type dimension).  In the (large) worksheet view, all is well, but I need the chart to be quite small to fit on the dashboard it's in, and it then skips x-axis labels.  I can't find any options to 'encourage' Tableau to display all of the axis marks.

      If I change the x-axis to be continuous, then I can get all of the labels using the tick mark options in Edit Axis, but then it decides it wants to make the two years the same size, which will change each month, and just looks wrong (and December appears to move into next year).

      Is there a way to force all labels in a discrete axis (or control the bar widths in a continuous axis to be even, I guess, but then that's no longer continuous, so I'm assuming not).  Sorry for not providing an example dashboard, but if you just make any bar chart narrower, then you'll get the same effect, presumably.


      Thanks very much.