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    Color Indicator

    Bangaru Saivivek

      Hi I have attached my workbook please go through it
      My query is when my Last day value is greater than last day last month it should turn as green as per the workbook I think it is working fine and in title my value should reflect but it is showing as "All" and that value should also turn in red or green


      And also  if I have 3 dashboards  should I place it in parameter and can I select it through dropdown menu ?




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          Esther Aller

          Hi Bangaru,


          The title has the domain for the entire worksheet, so if you have two values (something and NULL) then the title will represent them both with "All". In order to get only one specific value to show in the title, we need to have only one specific value in the entire worksheet.


          You can do this with a calculation like:


          { FIXED : MAX(

          IF [V_yesterdays value]<[V_last month value] then [V_last day]

          else ""




          When there are no dimensions listed after FIXED, then Tableau Desktop returns one value for the entire data set.


          Hope this helps