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    Date filter

    Ravi V

      Hi all,


      i have a issue with date filter.. my date filter every time point out to latest date only

      i am use tableau 10.5 version 


      if i selected any date in filter it showing only that date..


      but i want to show 1st to that selected date..




      if i select 08/Nov/2019 date i will show 01/Nov/ 2019 to 08/Nov/2019

      if i select 28/Jan/2019 date i will show 01/Jan/ 2019 to 28/Jan/2019

      if i select 10/oct/2019 date i will show 01/oct/ 2019 to 10/oct/2019

      f i select 08/nov/2018 date i will show 01/nov/ 2019 to 08/nov/2018

      if i select 28/jan/2018 date i will show 01/jan/ 2018 to 28/jan/2018

      if i select 10/oct/2018 date i will show 01/oct/ 2018 to 10/oct/2018


      i want use only filters not parameters.


      is this possible in filters...