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    Why does subtracting a Fixed calculation from another Fixed calculation double the subtraction?

    Jeremy Locanas

      I have a data source linking Bills with Invoices by Invoice #.

      I have two fixed calculation columns:

      1) InvoiceRevenue = { FIXED [Invoice #],[Revenue] : min([Revenue]) }


      2) BillsCost = { FIXED [Bill #],[Total PS Cost] : min([Total PS Cost]) }


      both designed to remove duplicate entries from the join.


      I then Sum the costs using

      3) BillsTotal = { fixed [Invoice #] : sum([BillsCost]) }


      Everything works fine and perfectly when these 3 fields are separate.


      But when I create a new column

      4) TrueGP = InvoiceRevenue - BillsTotal


      For some reason TrueGP keeps subtracting InvoiceRevenue - (BillsTotal * # of duplicate Revenue lines)


      Can someone help me understand why this is happening?





      Edited - Added Workbook