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    Error getting Vizdata from URL: /t/ is added to URL?

    Connor Osborne

      Hello all, i am getting an error when trying to run vizalerts: HTTP error getting vizdata from URL.


      I noticed that it shows the URL it is trying to get the data from as:


      http://myserver.name/t/#/views/VizAlertsConfig/ScheduledTriggerViews?&:format=csv&:refresh=y. Code: 500 Reason: Internal Server Error


      When I paste the above link to my web browser it doesn't work, but when I remove the /t/ it is able to load the webpage and generate the CSV, like so:





      Why is vizalerts adding the "/t/" to the URL and how can i prevent it, so that i am able to get past the HTTP error getting vizdata?


      Thank you!