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Custom Dashboard Training: Increase Adoption via Pop Up Guides

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My team loves Tableau and deploys internal dashboards to multiple teams within the company. Analytics is fairly new for some teams and we are hoping to increase Tableau adoption in any way possible.


I'm an not sure if this idea is already implemented or not, but I would love the opportunity to create a "training overlay" over a dashboard (and potentially save as a "training workbook"). This overlay would prompt the user to learn about a section of the dashboard.


For any new workbook, our team would deploy the training workbook where there would be informational pop ups that explain each section of the dashboard. This would outline what all the filters mean, what data modeling is behind each graph, and what insights can be gathered in each chart.


Right now, we are creating documentation that is not looked at very often. If there was a way to create training "pop up" messages on each area of the dashboard, that would be awesome! This could be configurable per dashboard, so we could create a "story line" for each tableau dashboard.


If there is another way to overlay a training guide on a tableau dashboard, please let me know! Anything to get out of lengthy word documents, I'll take it! Open to any suggestions!


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