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Dismiss Tableau Prep Recommendations

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What is your idea?


Add the ability to dismiss Tableau Prep recommendations.


What problem are you trying to solve or what scenario would this idea solve?


Recommendations in Tableau Prep, to me, are the equivalent to an in-app notification. Sometimes the recommendations are useful, but not all of the time. In the instances where a user does not want to apply the recommendation(s) provided, there's no way for them to dismiss the notification. This leaves a constant, nagging visual cue for the user that can lead to excess UI "noise." It would be helpful for Tableau Prep to allow users to dismiss the application's recommendations, at least for their session (having them reappear should the user close and reopen the flow in which the recommendation was dismissed).


To better illustrate the problem I'd like to solve, I've provided the screenshot below. In it, I've received a recommendation by Tableau Prep to remove a field. However, this field is useful to the end users building Tableau workbooks on top of my extract, so I can't get rid of it. Since I can't get rid of it, I'm left with a useless recommendation until the end of time (or until I decide to apply it, whichever comes first).



What workaround have you found and used so far (if any)?


Other than applying the recommendation(s) by Tableau Prep, I have not found a workaround.


What is your role in your organization?


Data Analyst


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