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Tableau Server:  Create a page for Administrator to see which groups, sites, dashboards, datasources and workbooks each/every User has access to

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It is very hard to find out by user, which sites, folders, groups, workbooks and datasources each user has access to.  It would be nice to have a table displaying all of this information, with the ability for the Administrator to check.  It would also be nice to understand what type of access/permissions each of the user's groups has.


This would be done for auditing and group/site/workbook management purposes, and be available at the "Manage All Sites" section.  A filter should exist to allow user to search by specific userid, group, site, workbook and/or datasource.  It may be nice to include the View as well.


The default would be to display all userids, and respective sites, groups, workbooks, datasources, etc, with filters at the top to narrow selection.  It may also be nice to have the # of times the user accessed the view and the last time the View was retrieved and/or subscribed to as well.


... this file could get large, so it may be nice to give the user the option to display the View in the table if needed  (the default would be to hide the View).


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