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Some change for autodetected keywords in French

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I was reading this page :
Understand Field Type Detection and Naming Improvements - Tableau


Keywords Code, Key, and ID

Field names that contain the following keywords and meet the conditions listed are treated as dimensions instead of measures.


  • Contains keywords Code, ID, or Key.
  • Keywords are either separated from other text in the field name by non-letter characters, all capitalized, or the first letter is capitalized in a field name that otherwise has mixed casing.
  • Keywords are at the beginning or end of the field name, with leading or trailing non-letter characters. In Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the key word must be located at the end of the field name.


EnglishCode, Id, Key
Simplified ChineseId
FrenchCle, Clé, Identificação, Identificador
GermanChiffre, Kennung, Kennnummer, Id, Identität, Schlüssel
PortugueseChave, ID
SpanishClave, Id, Identificación


In case you're not fluent in French, Identificação and Identificador are not french at all... however ID is a very common keyword even in French database. I'm very surprised it's the only language where it's not a keyword. Also, Code is very used.


On the same topic, the french translation of the page translates also... the keywords


AnglaisCode, ID, clé
Chinois (traditionnel)ID
FrançaisCle, Clé, Identificação, Identificador
AllemandChiffre, Kennung, Kennnummer, Id, Identität, Schlüssel
PortugaisChave, ID
EspagnolClave, Id, Identificación



--> Community Manager update [Ciara Brennan]

Feature released in Tableau 2019.1


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