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Geographically mirrored Tableau Server file store

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Like many others who work in large companies I belong to one that is world-wide.  Our company has Tableau Servers in different geographies (Europe, Asia, North America) and, in our situation, each is owned & operated by the IT center in that geography.  I support the Tableau Server that covers the Americas:  North, Central, and South America.  Our Tableau Server resides in our North America data center in Oregon.


When someone outside of Oregon, like 1/2 way across the country in Michigan, pulls data or views a workbook from our TS there is an appreciable delay.  Users are surprised when they visit us and perform the same operations as they see how very fast things work when they are "close" to the TS and then data center!  I have a couple power-users who use a virtual desktop here in Oregon when at their distant geography but for various reasons this is not a viable solution and not always doable.


My idea is to have TS file store mirrors at different locations e.g. one in Michigan, one in Mexico, and one in Brazil.  Users connect to their local TS mirror and work as they normally would.  Information from that TS mirror is relayed to the main TS, in fact, TS would basically treat that mirror as a [worker/secondary] file store node.  Thus extracts would still build on the main TS but once completed they would be pushed to the specific TS mirror where they were originally published.  That TS mirror would then have extracts, published data sources, & workbooks local instead of in the main TS location.  This would allow that location the fast workbook viewing (excluding Live connections to remotely located data sources, obviously).


I think of this as a mirror-ish since the main TS would still contain EVERYTHING and the TS mirror would only store the local geography "stuff".  Thus there typically wouldn't be a need for large amounts of hard drive space, RAM and core requirements could be basically less hardware demands for the TS mirror compared to the main TS.


I understand this is not a simple thing to do!  But I'm planting the seed in hopes something along these lines will germinate   I hope that those who are educated in the ways of servers (I'm not) can expand on the terminology of this and help flesh it out more, assuming the underlying reason of my idea is understood.


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