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Ability to assign schedules at Site Level on Tableau Server and assign Run time limits

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Problem : We see that currently Schedules can only be created and used at server level, this does NOT offer the flexibility to manage our server load to cater to different sites in the enterprise shared platforms based on priority and business case. The ability to set Run time limit on each individual scheules at site level will help cater to business requirements especially at peak times


How it will help

This functionality will help us enable certain schedules to selected sites with special /priority business needs so only those sites can access the specified schedules on the server. This will help us manage load and run times of schedules as only the specified/enabled sites can make use of these special schedules by site. This will also help platform support and application teams manage their schedules effectivily


HR Schedule   Only HR site will be able to use this schedule   Time limit of 30 Min
Finance Schedule   Only Finance Site will be able to use this schedule    Time Limit of 60 Min
Daily 6 AM schedule   All Sites will be able to use this schedule   Time Limit of 30 Min
Monthly 3PM Weekend Schedule      All Sites will be able to use this schedule  Time Limit of 120 Min



No reasonable workaround available currently, all sites can access all existing schedules at server level competing for resources as priority value setting is not helpful in enterprise environments. No ability of set limit time limits based on business needs at site and schedule level


Load and Maintenance

Having this functionality within the product will help us manage load efficiently as different sites with in the server will have different business requirements and help us manage load and utilization of server resources in a more controlled manner in large enterprise environments


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