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Materialized FIXED LOD

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We constantly get into a situation where we are squeezed between data and dashboards that need variable granularity.

LOD calculations are a great way to resolve the issue but as the LODs only execute at run-time we have a performance hit for large volumes of data.

It would be of great value if we can have an option of  materialized LOD.


While searching for similar ideas, I came across a post from Andrée Roos that explains the exact same idea beautifully. I have nothing more to add to his post, so I have just copied it here.

I would like re-propose the idea that  Andrée Roos proposed in a post. (


Idea explained in his Post:

The problem now is that fixed calculations are affected by Context Filters and Datasource Filters, which sometimes can be a good thing.

Another type of fixed calculation should be added, perhaps by the name MAT,  where the calculation aren't affected by these filters and the calculation therefore can be materialized.


Materialized LoD Tableau's Order of Operations.png


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