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Bring back a Premium tier of Tableau Public <duplicate idea>

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Good afternoon,


One of the best things to happen with Tableau (at least for us) occurred back in 2015 when Tableau Public Premium became free for all users and was rolled into Tableau Public.


However, since that time our dashboard needs have grown and our plans for the future look to go beyond the limitations of what Tableau Public currently offers.


Given that Tableau Public is a free offering I do not expect any changes or upgrades, since it is what it is. We do not have the resources to support Tableau Server, so we're on Tableau Public like many other users and smaller organizations. We use Tableau Desktop Professional to develop and update our dashboards, and once they are published online they are accessible to the general public.


If Tableau Public Premium did return, here are some *wishful* features that would be of great benefit:

  • Larger storage limit for online dashboards in profile
  • Expanded row limit for data sources
  • Increased timeout for inactive dashboards online (for Public it is currently around 5 mins. of user inactivity before a dashboard will reset to the default view)
  • Dashboards hosted on faster/more reliable servers to minimize server errors and loading times


Back when Tableau Public Premium was available it was $6,000 USD annually. If it was re-introduced around the same price with these features we would gladly pay for it.


Please let me know if this can be taken under consideration.


Thank you,



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