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Have the ability to search for dimension\measure names in Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop

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When trying to decided what data sources contain the data I need for the insight I'm trying to find, being able to search for a keyword in the the name of a dimension or measure would get me to the right data sources quicker.


For example, suppose I need to work with "Profit".  Having the ability to search for the word "Profit" and seeing the data sources that have a measure name with the word Profit in its name gets me to the data quicker. Or if I need to search for Region, seeing a list of data sources with Region in a dimension name would let me know which ones contain this dimension.


This capability would need to be present in Desktop as well as Server.


There is not really a workaround to this other than just connecting to each data source individually and inspecting the dimensions\measure or creating a ton of tags that can only be searched on Server.  The other workaround is to build a very complex process that gets data source metadata out of Tableau and puts into a database that we can then query.


Because I am a data architect, Server admin, and Desktop user, I find this feature would be very beneficial to all three roles.



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